Day Tours



A general day on the water starts at 8:30am from our office on the waterfront.  After meeting everyone on the trip for the day and a short safety talk, we head out on the water.  We will have chances to stop for breaks, snacks and lunch.  Depending upon availability and your request we may be able to meet with a First Nations person who can tell us stories and history while we are enjoying lunch or snack break. We aim for the tour to wrap up about 3:30pm, but if there is nothing stopping us for being out later, we will!  After the tour, we strongly recommend that you stop by the U’Mista Cultural Center to learn more about the area you are in.  Please join us on our day tour, where every day is different and new adventures are experienced!

There are so many places to explore from Alert Bay on a day trip and some of our options include: circumnavigating Cormorant Island (Alert Bay), paddling across to Vancouver Island to have a look at the Nimpkish River estuary, or maybe a paddle down to Telegraph Cove for lunch and to check out the amazing Whale Interpretive Center.  All of our trips will be dependent on weather, current and group ability. Our guides have a great understanding of the local waters and will adjust the tours ultimate location to keep the adventure going and bring everyone home safely.


Cormorant Island 360 Tour  . . .  $150+Tax (CAD)

This is a day trip by kayak around Cormorant Island, starting in the Village of Alert Bay.  Sit back and enjoy a 360 view of the island and discover the vast differences each side of the island has.  Cormorant Island is surrounded by beautiful small pebble beaches which are perfect for landing kayaks or stopping to have lunch.  Vast systems of nature trails are abundant around the island which makes for a good switch of activity depending on your goals for the trip.  In certain spots there are places to use the facilities so everyone is comfortable at all times.  Expect to see wildlife ranging from all sorts of sea birds, to harbour seals, stellar sea lions, and lots of intertidal life, porpoises, dolphins and whales.  Also on our tours, we are in an area rich in First Nations culture so the cultural and historical learning never stops!


Telegraph Cove Day Tour

This tour starts in Alert Bay and gives you the opportunity to visit nearby Telegraph Cove without having to take the ferry.  A paddle across Johnstone Strait and along the shore of Vancouver Island can allow us to see varieties of marine life, birds, as well as bears foraging on the shores.  When we arrive at Telegraph Cove, we will stop there for lunch and have the opportunity to walk the historic boardwalk and stop at the Whale museum, where there are many skeletons from creatures of land and sea.  The feature is a massive fin whale! We will leave Telegraph Cove in time to make it back to Alert Bay by 3:30pm.

*Please note that this trip could be altered due to the weather forecast as conditions can change drastically while crossing Johnstone Strait.

**Please ask us about our special rates for kids under 12 on our day tours.