What Gear to Bring

The most popular question that people have, is what to bring and wear on tours? While we provide all the necessary kayaking and safety gear for your adventure tour, it is important that you dress properly to ensure your comfort, warmth and safety. We provide spray skirts, PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices), dry bags, sea kayaks and a guide for every tour!


We recommend you bring:

*Sturdy shoes that can get wet (sandals, neoprene boots, running shoes, but no flip flops – they tend to break)
*A re-fillable water bottle (Nalgene, camelbak, etc.)

*sun hat or baseball hat (tight enough to stay on in a bit of wind)



*binoculars (if you have them – keep in mind it’s a salt water environment)

*camera and extra batteries (the dry bags we provide will keep your cameras dry or bring your own if you have one that is specific for your camera)

*a couple sets of synthetic pants/shorts and tops to be worn while kayaking (material that dries quickly – no cotton recommended)

*a couple sets of warm, comfortable clothes (synthetic material) to wear while in camp or the lodge

*a couple sets of warm, comfortable clothes (fleece and synthetic material recommended) to wear while in camp or the lodge

*gloves (neoprene works best if your hands are prone to getting cold)

*any preferred snacks (we provide all meals on our tours including snacks, water, tea and coffee)

*an extra layer of clothing (fleece or another warm layer) to put on or take off while paddling (can be a part of your camp/lodge clothing)

*rain jacket (and pants if you have them)

*toque or warm hat

*pair of shoes to wear while in camp or the lodge that can be worn for some potential light hiking

*a few pairs of warm socks (wool or ‘wicking’ material recommended)

*polypropylene/capilene (synthetic material) long underwear recommended

*flash light/headlamp with extra batteries

*a quick-dry towel is recommended (good for drying feet off after kayaking for the day)

*bug spray (we usually have mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-um)

*any extra medications that you need (ani-kit if you you’re allergic to bee stings, any epi-pens that you may need for your medical concerns)

*a couple of garbage bags or zip-lock bags


*hand sanitizer/fresh wipes recommended (guides will be carrying hand sanitizer but sometimes having a personal one is not a bad thing!)

*a good book or a deck or cards are recommended for any down time (the guide will have a good library of local area field guides and other books to look at while on tour as well)