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Excting New Multiple Day Kayak Tours and Adventures for the 2016 Summer Season
We provide the food, the cook, the tent, the kayak, and more. . .

The Cove Adventure (2 Day Tour) . . . $500+Tax (CAD)

Starting from Alert Bay we will cross the beautiful Johnstone strait traveling east to Telegraph Cove, spotting any marine mammals, birds and intertidal life that comes into our view. Telegraph Cove is a well-known tourist hub that offers a wide range of tourist activities. The most popular attraction to the place is the Whale Interpretive Center that houses a variety of skeletons from the small Marmot to the large Blue whale jaw bone. This is a must see for your north island adventure. After visiting the busy life of Telegraph Cove, we will stay at a nearby prime camping spot to sleep under the quiet blanket of the wild coastal forest of Vancouver Island.

3 Day Expedition Nomadic Tour . . . $750+Tax (CAD)

Our 3 day tour is really an extension of our 2 day tour as it allows us to stay out a little longer to enjoy the vast variety of wildlife and rich waters of the Johnstone Strait and surrounding areas.  We can either stay at the same camp for 2 nights and day trip out or camp at another site to enhance your adventure.  The longer your trip is, the better it is for spotting wildlife and experiencing new areas.  

4 Day Expedition Nomadic Tour . . . $1000+Tax (CAD)

Starting from Alert Bay we make our way down the Johnston Strait and Blackfish Sound spotting marine mammals, birds and intertidal life that come into our view. Traveling as a nomadic self contained pod we will maximise our kayak  adventure with a new campsite every night, every day drifting into culturally rich lands and waters filled with our local resident orca whales.

5 Day Expedition Nomadic Tour  . . . $1250+Tax (CAD)

We start this trip from Alert Bay and venture out into the wilderness of the Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound and surrounding areas.  A wide variety of marine mammal life, birds and intertidal life frequent these beautiful wild waters and call it home.  Adventuring to new campsites each night, we are able to boost our chances of seeing these breath-taking creatures and in the end creating new memories to last a lifetime.

6 Day Expedition/ Lodge Based Guided Kayak Tour . . . $1885+Tax (CAD)

Starting from Alert Bay on day one, we make our way into the Pearce Islands, spotting any marine mammals, birds and intertidal life that come into our view. From here we make our way into Blackfish Sound and camp in this culture and wildlife enriched eco-system. The second, third and fourth nights, we will be staying in the Tsatsisnukwomi Village (New Vancouver) on Harbledown Island, home to the Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala Tribes. These facilities are equipped with rooms, camping sites, showers, laundry and many other activities that can be added. By staying in the Village, we can learn first-hand about First Nations culture and history in this area and enhance our educational experience through traditional food sampling, origin story-telling, regalia displays, their eulachon display, a big house tour and walking tours. There is also a gift store and a convenience store located in the village, and I would recommend bringing some Canadian cash if this is some interest to you.

6 Day Expedition Nomadic Tour  . . .  $1500+Tax (CAD)

Starting from Alert Bay, we set about on this adventure paddling through Blackfish Sound, a wildlife highway for marine mammals.  Exploring new campsites each night will enable us to reach the gateway to the Broughton Archipelago, where we can take in the richness of seeing historic old First Nations villages and seeing first hand where their footprints were laid.  This trip allows us to see both culture and wildlife, and lets us go where our adventurous sides send us.  

8 Day Broughton Nomadic Tour . . $2000+Tax (CAD)

Starting from Alert Bay we round up the provisions necessary to embark on a Broughton Archipelago adventure that can be closely described as a dream come true. Filled with first nations tie ins, local folklore and supernatural beauty that only the B.C. coast line can provide. This adventure is truly a legendary experience.


Extra options can be added to tours to make a customized trip for your group. Options and there costs will be added to the tour price.

Water Taxi – Transportation of of tour group and gear to remote locations.
Mother-ship tours – A beautiful mix of sea kayaking and whale watching on board a large wooden ship.
Salmon BBQ dinner  – At the end of your tour you can have a salmon B.B.Q. dinner in a traditional First Nations style.
Helicopter Tours – This option is great for groups wanting a birds eye view of the surrounding eco-systems.

More to come soon. . . .

*All prices are in Canadian dollars and are per person.  The tax added  is 5% GST.