We know that there are some people that might feel scared or uncomfortable when they think of going sea kayaking. Blackfish Adventures would like to work with you to get over any fears or phobias around kayaking by providing lessons and training. Our guides are certified and patient when it comes to passing on their knowledge of kayaking.

Lessons are great for someone new to the sport, or experienced paddlers who would like a refresher course. All lessons start on land, going over the fundamentals of kayaking and the safety gear. After everyone has completed the on-land portion, the lesson will then turn to the on-water component.
Times between on-land and on-water components depend on the group or the individual learning speed. During lessons, no one is rushed into doing anything they do not want to do. This is an open minded positive learning experience, with the focus on progressing your love for kayaking.


Level 1 Intro to kayaking – On Land

It is always best to start at the beginning with the fundamentals of kayaking. In this lesson the group will learn about the elements of a kayak and how it works, getting in and out of the kayak, becoming proficient with safety gear, learning kayak balance and the basic paddling strokes.

Intro to kayaking – On Water

Here is where we apply what was learned in the Intro to kayaking – On Land lesson. In shallow waters and close to shore, the guide will assist you as you go through all the steps of getting into your floating kayak, adjusting foot pedals, fitting your spray skirt to the kayak, kayak balance, basic paddle strokes and finally exiting the kayak back onto the beach.

Level 2 Expedition Ready – On Land

In this lesson you will learn all that was covered in the Level 1 on-land portion, and more as we get you fully prepared for a multi-day expedition.
This is a great way to learn technique, add paddling strokes, practice with safety gear, self rescue and walk away with some clever tricks that only guides know!

Expedition Ready – On Water

Now it is time to test your newly gained skills on the water. With your guide instructing you should be able to demonstrate proper entry into the floating kayak, adjusting pedals, fitting your spray skirt to your kayak, have strong balance in the kayak, rudder control, paddle technique and self rescue.

Level 3 – Advanced

This is for the advanced paddler looking for a chance to improve and practice advanced paddling techniques, self rescues, strong weather paddling, fast currents, leaning, bracing, and racing. This lesson is not for everyone but if you ha.ve an open mind to learn, we have the patience.

All Lesson prices are per person – $40 for the first 2 hours and $25 for every hour after