Company Ethics

Safety is our number one concern when we take people out on the water. Not only do we want to deliver you an adventure of a lifetime, we want everyone to come home happy, safe and loving kayaking. As guides for our company, we are experienced and certified by the Sea Kayak Guide Alliance of BC (S.K.G.A.B.C.) and the Association of Sea Kayak Guides of BC. The ratio of guests to one guide is six, and to ensure the best experience for you, we keep that the maximum number on the trip.

The environment is very important to us and we do our best to protect it in any way that we can. As individuals and as a company we practice ‘leave no trace’ ethics, which means that we leave only our footprints and take only pictures. We pack out all the garbage that we pack in and try to use products with less packaging to reduce our overall waste on our trips. Some other guidelines that we follow are the ‘Be Whale Wise Guidelines” ( Everyone wants to get that signature photo with their kayak and a whale close together; however the guidelines state that all boaters (kayaks included) are to be 200m away from the whale’s path. This practice is to help ensure the whale’s safety and to help relieve the stress these mammals go through with all the vessel traffic we have these days. There can be many opportunities to see whales from land as well as from the kayaks and to get that great photo shot, or to just take it all in and store it in your memory!


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